Tapestry of Creation

of the

Cathedral Treasury

Front face
of the tapestry
of creation

It is popularly known as the Tapestry of Creation, although curiously the technique with which it was made was embroidery. It presents us with a complex message narrated through biblical scenes, symbols, allegories and sacred history. In the central wheel he explains the beginning of the first biblical book: Genesis, and around it develop a series of paintings where time takes centre stage and its segmentations – the year, seasons, months and days. The lower part, the most deteriorated, tells the story of Saint Helena in search of the True Cross. Although it is unknown what use it had and when it ceased to be used, we do know that the person who designed it was a scholar of his time, whose name we do not know about both him and the one who manufactured it. The fact that an eleventh or twelfth-century fabric has been preserved in such good condition is an exceptional fact.

Rear face
of the tapestry
of creation

Back of the Tapestry of Creation in which you can appreciate its original colors, as well as the inverted figures.



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